Wednesday, April 4, 2012

with beautiful timing,

Maybe the world is supposed to be broken?  Maybe injustice is supposed to reign?  Maybe slavery will always exist?  Maybe this is just the way the world is and we need to let it be?

All of these questions have run through my mind over the last three weeks.  And they are merciless.  It has been a rollercoaster that is indescribable, full of the most emotion, pain, and joy that I’ve ever experienced.  It is impossible for me to put all of my thoughts down and try to pick through the adventure and journey of trying to answer all of those questions that I have asked. I’ve gone before God and begged Him, pleaded with Him, and yelled at Him in search of answers.  When Kony2012 went viral, I thought the world would unite and each of us would push to pursue justice as one.  I was wrong.  I’m not too surprised I guess, now that I look back over the whole situation.  But it absolutely crushes me how people have sought to destroy other human beings over issues as simple as human lives.  I don’t get it and it kills me.  I’m intensely confused and hurt.  Kony2012 is about humanity and people rising up for justice.  It’s as pure and as honest as that.  Some people have gotten that and have risen up together and we will stand and fight with our voices loud and our fists high.  There has been a massive outcry for justice from all over the world and for that, I rejoice.  I rejoice that it is more likely now, than it has ever been before, for Joseph Kony and his top commanders to be arrested and for the children to be rescued and the 440,000 plus who are displaced at this very moment, to return home. 

There are no easy answers but there are honest ones.  And as I have searched myself and begged Jesus to open me, I’ve learned these things: no, the world is not supposed to be broken. No, injustice is not supposed to reign.  No, slavery will not always exist.  No, this is not the way the world is supposed to be.  And I will fight for humanity because the answers to all of those questions is no.  Jesus offers life and I will stop at nothing to dance for that.  Just as Isaiah 61:1 says, He came to proclaim liberty to the captives.  And He is doing that and will do that for both the spiritual and physical oppressed. 

Friends, I am so inadequate, I have seen that in such a powerful and humbling way over the past weeks.  Human souls are fragile and I get angry when people bad talk Invisible Children or Jason Russell, but how many times have I myself done that to other organizations and people in the past?  Organizations are made up of people.  People have souls and they are the most important things in the whole world.  Oh, how much I have learned and how sick of a human being I am.  However, there is a scandalous and true grace that Jesus covers me with and allows me to come back to defend the rights of others around this world, and for that I sing. 

This is not a white man’s burden, it is a human burden.  I stand with the leaders of the Acholi-land and other leaders of Central African countries who met just a few short weeks ago to all pledge their support in ending the reign of terror of Joseph Kony.  If we cannot unite on an issue that simply says we believe this man must be stopped, what else can we unite on?  My heart is heavy.   And I am confused but will continue to pray earnestly for peace to remain in Northern Uganda as they recover from the aftermath of the LRA and for CAR, DRC, and South Sudan to recover from the recent terror or the LRA. 

This generation must come together for freedom.  No matter where you’re from, what you’re doing, or what you believe. Freedom is imperative and we must rise up, speak out, and fight.

This is what I know to be true: this week is the Holy Week and Jesus came, He died, and He rose again and we celebrate that.  What better of a time for Jesus to glorify Himself and bring Joseph Kony to justice?  The world is watching, join me in earnest prayer.  His time is perfect and I rest in that.