Saturday, December 25, 2010


A night this cold should have
Been left long ago to a much warmer dream
But holiness does not fall away
Because it is in danger of being corrupted

Holiness is set apart
For not only today but for all of history
And on this night holiness has come
Not in fear of any of us

For corrupted and desolate we sit around
Singing songs and drinking to our failures
But holiness comes in the cold
With the sun in His grasp

The depths of humanity have been deeper
Than they were that beautiful night
When that blessed baby’s cry
Was the very Glory of God Most High

In His hands He held the world
At a moment’s motion, we would fall into the sea
Now those hands are holding a woman’s fingers
Squeezing for attention and shining of majesty

Out of dark comes a light
Of whom we were made after
Ready to extinguish our innermost
Thoughts of nothing but cold

He has come to redeem the world He created
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
He has come to bring the Fullness of Glory
He has come to show us the way

He has come to give us His very self
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
He has come to allow us to breathe
He has come to fall upon His knees

He has come to give Himself away
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
He has come to completely gain us
He has come to glorify His Name

Be glorified and lifted high

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